Social Counselling

The counselling service is the first point of contact for students who are in a difficult life situation and are looking for advice on social issues. They are also assisted in the procurement of information on various topics and provided guidance and decision support.

The counselling service covers the following areas:

  • Financial aid for students (in addition to the BAföG (Federal Training Assistance Act): student loans, part-time jobs)
  • Social benefits (e.g. housing benefit, child benefit)
  • Students with children (e.g. leave of absence, child care)
  • Foreign students (e.g. study conditions, orientation)
  • Students with disabilities or chronic illness (e.g. disadvantage compensations, organization of academic life)
  • Academic advice (e.g. information for first-year students)
  • Other social questions concerning your studies

The counselling is free of charge and confidential. We work together with other information centres and if required arrange contact to other authorities. Registration is not required.

Office hours of the social counselling service:





Your social worker: 

Sonja Bauer, social worker B.A.
Am Studentenhaus, D-97072 Würzburg 
Tel.: +49 931 8005-225
Email: sozialberatung(at)studentenwerk-wuerzburg(dot)de