Öffnungszeiten in der vorlesungsfreien Zeit

Zur Info:
In der vor­lesungs­freien Zeit haben wir weit­er­hin für Sie geöffnet:

Hier finden Sie alle In­for­ma­tio­nen zur Öff­nung un­serer Mensen während der an­hal­tenden Corona-Pan­demie.

Bitte beachten Sie außerdem die verkürzten Öff­nungszeiten der geöffneten Mensen:
Un­sere Mensen haben Mon­tag bis Fre­itag von 11.30 Uhr bis 14.00 Uhr für sie geöffnet. (Es­sen­saus­gabe bis 13.30 Uhr)


Canteen on Austraße in Bamberg has reopened

Construction of the new canteen and cafeteria building on Austraße has now been completed, and the canteen reopened on Monday, 22 June 2020.

In view of the current situation, please come to the canteen only if you want to eat there or pick up a takeaway!
Please do not stop by just to have a look at the new building!

Please note the new opening hours of the open canteens:
Our canteens are open Monday to Friday from 11:30 a.m.to2:00 p.m. (food served until 1:30 p.m.).

We are vegan friendly! Three out of four stars from PETA.

“Every day, just under 900 canteens and cafeterias operated by one of the 58 Studentenwerk organisations prepare meals for around 80% of university students. Wanting to find out how vegan friendly those canteens and cafeterias are, the PETA animal rights organisation conducted surveys among all Studentenwerk organisations in Germany in 2014 and 2015. Have there been any positive developments? Are the canteens offering more vegan meals? Have staff members attended training courses? How many Studentenwerk organisations are offering at least one vegan meal every day in at least one canteen? In order to get answers to these and other questions, PETA conducted another survey in 2016 and awarded stars to canteens. Thirty-three Studentenwerk organisations participated, the highest number ever.”

More information can be found on the PETA website at:
Contact for press enquiries at PETA Germany:
Jana Fuhrmann, phone: +49 711 860 591 529, email: JanaF@​peta.​de