Social Counselling

Due to the current situation (Coronavirus), the advisory services of the Studentenwerk Würzburg, including the social counseling service in Bamberg, will be suspended until further notice and will only be carried out by telephone or email. Consultancy in the Foyer is dropped.

Sozialberatung – Würzburg
Tel: +49 931 8005-225 oder -228
E-Mail: sozialberatung(at)studentenwerk-wuerzburg(dot)de

Sozialberatung – Bamberg
Tel: +49 931 8005-817
E-Mail: sb-bamberg(at)studentenwerk-wuerzburg(dot)de

Please note: if the phone is busy, please leave us your phone number on the answering machine. We will call you back.

You are experiencing social, financial or personal problems?

Our social counselling service is the first point of contact for students in difficult life situations. It offers advice and assistance with a broad range of issues. Our services are free and confidential. Get in touch – we can help you through difficult times.

We offer counselling in the following areas:

  • Financial assistance for students
  • Student parents
  • International students
  • Students with disabilities or chronic diseases
  • General social issues


Information material:


Your contact person for all questions concerning social counselling in Bamberg:
Mariella Büttner, Dipl.-Päd.
Austraße 37, 2. OG, 96047 Bamberg 
Telefon: +49 931 8005-817
E-Mail: sb-bamberg(at)studentenwerk-wuerzburg(dot)de