Social Counselling in Aschaffenburg

Social counselling for students in Aschaffenburg

The social counselling team can help students who are experiencing difficult circumstances in their personal lives. 

You are experiencing financial difficulties? You have an illness or other impairment that makes studying difficult for you? You got pregnant or are a single parent? Or you are facing another issue that you are finding difficult to cope with? Do not hesitate to contact us.

We can provide guidance and support and help you find information.
The counselling services are free and confidential.

Your social counsellor in Aschaffenburg:
Anke Krüninger, social education worker

Phone: +49 931 8005-225
Phone hours:

Monday to Thursday8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Your contact persons for all questions concerning social counselling in Würzburg, Bamberg, Schweinfurt and Aschaffenburg:

Anke Krüninger, social education worker
Am Studentenhaus, 97072 Würzburg 
Phone:  +49 931 8005-225
E-Mail: sozialberatung(at)studentenwerk-wuerzburg(dot)de


Pia Lenhard, Sozialpädagogin
Am Studentenhaus, 97072 Würzburg
E-Mail: sozialberatung(at)studentenwerk-wuerzburg(dot)de