„Mensch in Natur“ by Pia Luisa Traub

Photo Exhibition at Burse (Studentenhaus)

Trees, bushes, fungi – they all communicate in the „wood wide web“. A network of fungal filaments inhabits the forest soil, connecting all plants and forming communication channels that plants can use to alert each other to dangers such as pests or toxins. Researchers have only just begun to investigate the language of plants, but there is one thing we already know for sure: Plants communicate with each other. But do they also communicate with us?

In their „Mensch in Natur“ project, the photographer and her model attempt to assume the point of view of nature. They imitate shapes and physical effects found in nature, modify them, and create a fictitious dialogue in which humans and nature communicate as equals.

Pia Luisa Traub's photos remind us that we should not ignore and drown out what is silent and (seemingly) voiceless but should show empathy and respect for the world in which we live.

Model: Reto Kofmehl
Photographer: Pia Luisa Traub

How do we perceive reality? And how can we portray reality? These are the questions to which Pia Luisa Traub attempts to find answers in art, literature, the theatre, opera, music, the humanities, and photography.

Her work focuses on how we as human beings interact with the world in which we live – with society and nature, with other human beings, and with ourselves.

Pia Luisa Traub has just completed her Bachelor's degree in musicology. She is planning to continue with university, co-organise a series of New Music concerts, and work on new photography projects.

We are proud to host this special exhibition. The photographies are being exhibited in the rooms of the Burse canteen at Studentenhaus Würzburg (opening hours) from February to March 2019. Admission is free.



Art at Burse: Photo Exhibition "Mensch in Natur"