Theatre Performances in Würzburg – By Students for Students

You are a student who loves acting on stage? Then the Studi(o)bühne theatre is exactly what you are looking for.

Several groups of students pick a play each, schedule and plan their own rehearsals, and then perform their play on stage. Tickets for their performances are made available in return for a donation.

Whether you are new to acting or already have some stage experience, the Studi(o)bühne project is a great way to get together with other theatre enthusiasts and have a good time rehearsing and performing plays.

The Studentenwerk Würzburg has supported the Studi(o)bühne project for many years now. It lets students use the stage in the dining hall at Studentenhaus, other rooms as well as technical equipment for free.

For more information on the Studi(o)bühne theatre as well as contact information, click here.