The Studentenwerk Würzburg Culture Coupon

Offered by the Studentenwerk Würzburg in cooperation with the independent theatres in Würzburg, the culture coupon gives university students the opportunity to buy theatre tickets at reduced rates. Students who buy a coupon will receive a subsidy for theatre tickets from the Studentenwerk Würzburg. Students who do not want to use the coupon will not have to pay anything extra.


Students who are enrolled in a programme at the University of Würzburg, the Technical University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt (THWS) or the University of Music Würzburg can buy tickets for the following theatres at reduced rates: Theater Chambinzky, TheaterWerkstatt, Theater Ensemble, Bockshorn, Theaterhalle am Dom (formerly known as tanzSpeicher), Theater am Neunerplatz, Plastisches Theater Hobbit and Theater Augenblick.


  • Each student can buy up to three culture coupons per semester.

  • Coupons are priced at €2, and with a coupon students get €7 off theatre tickets. This means that students receive a €5-a-ticket subsidy from the Studentenwerk Würzburg.

  • Coupons will only be sold to students who can produce a valid chip card (student ID card).

  • Coupons must be redeemed at the theatre box office.

  • At the box office, students must also produce their student ID card.


The coupons will be available as of 1 October 2019. You can buy them at the main cash desk (Hauptkasse) in the Studentenhaus building or the chip card office (Chipkartenbüro) in the Mensateria building on Hubland Campus. A coupon will expire two years after it was bought. During the programme's trial phase, the Studentenwerk will provide €30,000 in subsidies (6,000 coupons) in year one of the programme. The programme will be financed from the Studentenwerk budget. The Studentenwerk Würzburg is currently not planning to increase the Studentenwerk fee it charges all students.