Contests and Competitions for Students

The Poster Contest by Deutsches Studentenwerk (DSW)

The DSW poster contest is a yearly contest organised by Deutsches Studentenwerk (DSW). It is open to all students who are enrolled in a degree programme in the field of graphic design, communication design or visual communication at a state or state-accredited university. The contest gives students the opportunity to show their messages on posters.

This year's contest is the 34th, and it is all about students and research: How important is research to today's students, either at university or in their everyday lives? What is research to students – work, fun, a career goal? Would they want to get more engaged in research activities at university? What topics would they want to investigate and why?

The 2019 contest is organised jointly by the DSW and the German Research Foundation (DFG). It is part of the „DFG 2020 – Because Research Matters“ campaign with which the DFG aims to raise public awareness of the principle of free, knowledge-driven research. The campaign's hashtag is „#FürDasWissen“.

The best contest submissions will be awarded with cash prizes, and 30 selected posters will be shown in a 2-year travelling exhibition that will come to Studentenwerk towns all over Germany.

Students can sign up for the contest online. Registrations will be open until 3 November 2019.

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We wish you every success!