Information about the semester ticket in SCHWEINFURT

The semester ticket in Schweinberg startet in the summer semester 2016.

Each student in Schweinfurt gets the semester ticket!

For the first time all students of the University of Schweinfurt receive the semester ticket for the summer semester 2016 after having registered or re-registered.

Only if all students participate in joint financing can the ticket price be reduced to an acceptable minimum for everyone. This means that the agreement is binding for all students, including those who do not want or can use the semester ticket (e.g. during a stay abroad or an internship outside Schweinfurt). Guest students and severly disabled persons, as far as they are entitled to free transport, are excepted from that agreement.

What does the ticket look like? You need your FHWS card (student ID card)

From 15 March 2016 the student ID card (= the personalized FHWS card with photo) counts as ticket for busses in Schweinfurt; the card has to be validated accordingly. During validation a corresponding note is printed on the FHWS card. This print designates the FHWS card as a ticket for the area of the Stadtwerke Schweinfurt GmbH. Without the imprint the FHWS card is not a valid ticket! The authorization is not transferable.

How much is the semester ticket? As of summer semester 2022: €38.20 per semester

When registering or re-registering, each student pays €38.20 extra in addition to the semester fee for the Schweinfurt semester ticket (in SS 2022). When registering or re-registering, the amount for the semester ticket will be payed to the university and thus a semester ticket will be bought automatically.

How long is it valid for? A full 6 months

The semester ticket is valid for one semester, also during the semester break, i.e. a full six month, 24 hours!

The winter semester regularly covers the following time periods: 01 October until 14 March.

The summer semester covers: 15 March until 30 September.

What does the ticket look like? You need the chip card (student ID card)!

The student ID card (= the personalized chip card) also serves as the ticket for bus and train. Ticket inspectors only accept the chip card; printed certificates of study are not valid. The travel authorization is not transferable to another person.

Fare zone of the Schweinfurt semester ticket:

The semester ticket is valid for all bus services of the Stadtwerke Schweinfurt.

The city bus Schweinfurt:

On 34 lines in the city district, the Stadtwerke Schweinfurt operate 40 own busses (27 solo and 13 articulated busses) and 10 busses from service providers. The ticket is valid for all busses and all three tariff zones in the transport network of the Stadtwerke Schweinfurt GmbH.

New line Campus Express:

As of 15 March 2016, with the beginning of the summer semester, the new bus line "Campus Express" connects the main station Schweinfurt with the university locations at Ignaz-Schön-Straße and Friedrich-Ebert-Straße. Overall, there are 7 bus stops on this route and buses are running at 20-minute intervals from Monday to Friday between 07:44 a.m. and 07:15 p.m. The line is not in operation during semester break. More information about the Campus Express (route, timetable, etc.):

More information about all bus lines as well as the individual timetables online:

The Schweinfurt semester ticket is not valid in the city and district of Würzburg and not on train lines (trains of the DB Regio or the Erfurt Bahn).


Any more questions?

Service center of the Stadtwerke Schweinfurt

Wolfsgasse 5, 97421 Schweinfurt, (directly at Roßmarkt)

Telephone: 09721 931-408

Email: kundenservice(at)


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