Since the 2023/24 winter semester, a discounted version of the “Deutschlandticket” public transport pass will be available to university students in Bavaria. Students studying at a higher education institution in Würzburg can upgrade their semester tickets to the Deutschlandticket for students (“Deutschlandticket Studierende” public transport pass) for only €15 extra per month. With the “Deutschlandticket Studierende” public transport pass, university students can travel on all buses, trams, subways, “S-Bahn” trains as well as local trains (second class) anywhere in Germany.

The “Deutschlandticket Studierende” public transport pass can be bought from the WVV, the Würzburg public transport company. You will be able to preorder your upgrade to the “Deutschlandticket Studierende” public transport pass in the new WVVmobil app from the end of August. You will need your university login to order the upgrade. More information in German about the “Deutschlandticket Studierende” public transport pass can be found at www.wvv.de/semesterticket.


Information on the semester ticket in Würzburg

For the semester ticket Würzburg, the following regulations apply:

  • for students in Würzburg the student ID card (= personalised chip card with photo) serves as ticket, the student ID card has to be validated, i.e. the expiration date hast to be printed on the card;

  • the solidarity contribution amounts to € 90.90 (as of summer semester 2024 per semester);

  • the semester ticket is valid for the duration of the current semester, around the clock for unlimited travel;
  • the semester ticket is valid on all lines of the transport association Mainfranken (Verkehrsverbund Mainfranken, VVM) in the city and in the district of Würzburg as well as in the districts of Kitzingen and Main-Spessart;
  • the semester ticket cannot be bought on the free market and is, therefore, not available for students from other universities.

Main bus services


For information on the most important bus services for students in Würzburg, please click here.

On what railway linesis the ticket valid?

Please click here for information provided by DB Regio Unterfranken (Deutsche Bahn regional trains) on the rail lines you are allowed to use with your semester ticket (last updated: January 2015).


On 1 January 2012, the VVM was extended to the sub-regions Markt Bibart and Uffenheim, so the semester ticket is valid up to these stations. Since August 2013, the semester ticket has also been valid in the Main-Spessart district: this also added new rail lines, such as the route from Würzburg via Zellingen-Karlstadt-Gemünden-Lohr-Wiesthal.


Since 14 December 2014, the semester ticket is no longer valid on rail line 803 (Gemünden to Weickersgrüben).

Connecting journeys are allowed!
Please note: If you make a connecting journey by train, the train has to stop at the last station of the fare zone.

Students may use the semester ticket as train ticket within the fare zone (i. e. in the city and district of Würzburg as well as in the districts of Kitzingen and Main-Spessart). If necessary, an extension ticket can be bought for journeys that continue in a neighbouring district.

More information:
VVM service hotline: (0931) 36-886 886
email: mail(at)vvm-info(dot)de

Bikes on public transport: child fare ticket required
If you want to take your bike on a train or bus, you will have to buy a ticket (child fare). You are not allowed to take your bike free of charge when you are travelling with your semester ticket.

Connecting semester ticket of the transport association Rhein-Neckar (VRN)
Students studying in Würzburg have the possibility to buy a connecting ticket for the VRN (VRN-Anschluss-Semester-Ticket). Zhis ticket is € 230.60 per semester (as of summer semester 2024). With this ticket, you may also use all buses, trams and trains in the fare zone of the transport association Rhein-Neckar (VRN), which extends from the Main-Tauber district over Heidelberg/Mannheim to Kaiserslautern (exception: the ticket is not valid in the area of the region Westpfalz).

Students who purchase a connecting semester ticket of the VRN and have their primary residence in the Main-Tauber district will receive a subsidy of 50% of the ticket price (info sheet).
More information on the connecting semester ticket of the VRN is available at the main ticket office in Lauda, tel.: (09343) 6214-35 or online at www.vrn.de.

Lost or forgot your ticket?
If you get caught without your semester ticket, you will be given a yellow note, which you will have to take to the WVV customer centre (Domstraße 26, corner Sternplatz, 97070 Würzburg). There, you will have to pay € 7.00 and present your semester ticket.

Lost something on the bus?
The lost property office is located on Friedrich-Spee-Str. 58-64, tel.: (0931) 36 -2324. To get there, take tram 1 "Sanderau" or 4 "Sanderau" and get off at "Fechenbachstraße".

Important information is available at www.vvm-info.de

Any questions?
For information on the semester ticket or other offers of the transport company please contact:

VVM service hotline: (0931) 36-886 886
E-Mail: mail@vvm-info.de

WVV customer centre (WVV-Kundenzentrum) at Sternplatz
Domstraße 26, 97070 Würzburg
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 8.30 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Service webpages
All accessible timetable data (online timetables as well as pdf files to download individual timetables) is available online at: 

The VVM app
Use the VVM app to find the best route from your current position or check departure and arrival times of trams, buses and regional trains in the Main-Franconia region.

The WVVmobil app

In the WVVmobil-app, you will always have your “Deutschlandticket Studierende” public transport pass with you on your phone - just order your upgrade and start your journey. In addition, you will be able to use the app to find information about timetables and routes.

Please note:
Only if all students participate in joint financing can the ticket price be reduced to an acceptable minimum for everyone. This means that the agreement is binding for all students, including those who do not want to or cannot use the semester ticket.

Satzung Semesterticket Würzburg vom 23.12.2023

Main-Spessart is on board!

In August 2013, the Main-Spessart district has joined the transport association Mainfranken (VVM). Thus, the semester ticket of Würzburg can now be used in the Main-Spessart district!
Find all train linies!

Questions? VVM service hotline:
Tel: (0931) 36-886886
More info at: www.vvm-info.de!

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