Consultancy for international students

Tips for international Students - How do I finance my studies in Germany?

International students often have a lot of questions during their studies in Germany:

A new university system, a foreign language and often a completely different culture can cause communication difficulties and conflicts with classmates, roommates and the employees of authorities.

We are happy to help you with specific questions about legal issues (residence permit, employment law, etc.) or the financing of your university education. Most international students need to finance their university education themselves and cannot receive financial assistance.

Sometimes the problems are just caused by a lack of information. We are happy to provide you with information and useful contacts.

Consultancy at the Studentenwerk:

The Social Counselling Service is a first point of contact for students seeking advice and support in social issues related to their studies.

Consultations are strictly confidential and completely independent of the universities and other authorities!


Consultations by arrangement or during the office hours of the counselling services.


Consultancy at the universities:

The International Office at your university also offers advice and support!