Association for the Support of Foreign Students in Würzburg

More than 2,000 foreign students in Würzburg enrich life on college campuses and in the city. But sometimes it happens that their course of studies falters. Disease, war in their home country or the death of a close relative can cause a financial gap that can not be filled due to the limited work permit in Germany.

Often it is only a small amount of money that decides on success or failure of a life plan.

Here, the association for the support of foreign students in Würzburg, which was founded in December 2013 comes into play. It is registered with the Register of Würzburg as a non profit organization. The fund that is solely supported by membership fees and donations intervenes to help foreign students accidentally fallen into financial difficulties.

The association was initiated by the 'Round Table of International Students ", that is composed of the Protestant and Catholic Student Community (ESG as KHG), the Studierendenwerk Würzburg as well as the Center for Languages, the Centre for Global Systems and Intercultural Competence (ZgSiK), the Student Union (Referat Internationales) and the International Office of the University of Würzburg.

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