Other Nurseries in Bamberg

Other nurseries in Bamberg

  • Information on childcare providers in Bamberg is available from Stadtjugendamt Bamberg. A list of nurseries and kindergartens in Bamberg as well as additional information is available on the web pages of the Stadtjugendamt. The booklet "Kinderbetreuung in der Stadt Bamberg" (2017 edition) provides more information on childcare providers in Bamberg:
    Booklet (external link, available in German only)
  • Ki-Ta-Portal of the City of Bamberg
    A list of childcare providers (kindergartens etc.) in Bamberg that have vacant places can be found on the web pages of the City of Bamberg.
    Click here to reserve a place at a childcare provider in Bamberg.
    Click here for a list of childcare providers in Bamberg and contact details.