Mission Statement

We care about students. And we do our best to help them have the best possible university experience.

While every single student matters to us, we are particularly committed to supporting those that need extra help with the challenges they are facing – whether these are financial or academic-related challenges or the challenges of being a student parent. We do not only offer a range of counselling services, we also run a number of student residences, canteens and cafeterias.

We attach great emphasis to tailoring the services that we offer to students' needs and work both independently and in cooperation with the universities.

As an employer, we also care about our staff members, and we are committed to building a positive, respectful and supportive working environment. We offer family-friendly working arrangements and workplace health promotion programmes, give our employees the opportunity to take on interesting tasks and responsibilities and encourage them to attend training courses. We also host a number of company parties throughout the year. We encourage direct communication, teamwork and a cooperative leadership style.

Aware of the importance of sustainability and ecological responsibility, we use our resources in a responsible and economical manner.

We enjoy working with each and every student, whether domestic or international, and our international tutors and projects help us foster an atmosphere of harmony and tolerance among all students irrespective of their nationality or cultural background.