Our Commitment to Quality

Most of the more than 54,000 university students in Aschaffenburg, Bamberg, Schweinfurt and Würzburg have had lunch at one of our canteens or stopped by at one of our cafeterias for a sandwich or a cup of coffee. But our more than 375 staff members do a lot more than catering. We also operate several student residences that provide affordable accommodation for more than 3,700 students.

We are committed to helping students deal with the challenges of student life. And we are committed to delivering the highest of quality. We constantly work to improve the quality of the services we provide, whether it is counselling, accommodation or help with all issues relating to BAföG student loans and grants. The better we are, the better will be the university experience of students.

Reusable Coffee Cups

Coffee is great to wake you up in the morning or boost your energy during the day. In 2018, we sold exactly 194,162 cups of coffee at our cafeterias in Würzburg – 80% of them in disposable cups. Just throw your cup away when you've finished your drink – we know that this is convenient. But it is also bad for the environment. In Germany, we throw away 320,000 disposable coffee cups – each hour. That is almost three billion cups each year. And how many disposable cups do we use at our cafeterias in one year? About 600,000! We know that this has to change.

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Café Intención: Fairly Traded Coffee

You enjoy a good cup of coffee? And you care about the people who produce it? Drink Café Intención! This purely organic and fairly traded coffee is now served at our canteens and cafeterias. Café Intención is not only extra tasty, it also helps improve the lives of its producers.

Veggie Thursday

Every Thursday, our canteens serve a variety of vegetarian and vegan meals.

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We are vegan friendly: Veganfreundliche Mensa 2017

Forget everything you think you know about canteen food!