Accommodation in Exchange for Help - Würzburg

"Accommodation in Exchange for Help" - Housing Communities in Würzburg

You are looking for a room? Try a different way of living in a shared apartment or house!

Since July 2011 there has been the project "Accommodation in Exchange for Help" in Würzburg. Carriers and point of contact are the KHG and Caritas.

"Accommodation in Exchange for Help" is very simple: Students live with a landlord without paying rent or paying a reduced amount of rent. In return, they provide assistance for one hour a month per square meter of living space. They can help with e.g. homework/tutoring, child-minding, work in home or garden, grocery shopping, joint activities, giving company, paperwork etc. Student and landlord agree on the assistance individually and lay them down in a contract. Care services as well as 24 hours assistance is excluded. Everyone who has free living space to offer can be a landlord. Especially families with children, single parents, elderly people or people with disabilities. The only expenses for the students are the additional charges (e.g. for heating, electricity, water).The aim of the project is mutual, intergenerational support and enrichment of the cohabitants’ lives. Requirements for participation in the project are openness to living together with other (younger/older) people, joy of communication and dealing with other people and of course the willingness to invest part of your time in assisting other people.

If you are interested in a housing community,
please contact Mirjam Gawenda
Telephone: +49 931 38659-128
Email: info(at)wfh-wu­erz­burg(dot)de
Internet: www.​wfh-wuerzburg.​de