Social Housing

University students who are not economically dependent on another independent household, usually their parents' household, may be eligible for social housing.

If you are interested in living in social housing, you must request a certificate of eligibility („Wohnberechtigungsschein“) from the competent authority (see below). This is due to the fact that you will only be considered for social housing if your income is less than a certain threshold. If you do not have a certificate of eligibility, you will not be considered for social housing.


    For request forms and more information, please contact:

    City of Würzburg, Fachbereich Soziales
    Karmelitenstraße 43
    97070 Würzburg
    Telephone: +49 931 37-2760 or 37-3544
    Email: fb-soziales(at)stadt.wuerzburg(dot)de

    City of Aschaffenburg, Bauordnungsamt
    Dalbergstraße 15, Room 501
    63739 Aschaffenburg
    Telephone: +49 6021 330-1238

    City of Bamberg, Bauordnungsamt
    Untere Sandstraße 34
    96049 Bamberg
    Telephone: +49 951 87-1193
    Email: bauordnungsamt(at)stadt.bamberg(dot)de

    City of Schweinfurt, Bauverwaltungsamt
    Town Hall, Room 405
    Markt 1
    97421 Schweinfurt
    Telephone: +49 9721 51-505
    Email: bauverwaltungsamt(at)schweinfurt(dot)de