Allocation Guidelines

The student residences of the Studentenwerk Würzburg are generally built with government subsidies of the Free State of Bavaria.

In view of the limited number of places in the student residences, the length of residence is limited, to make state-subsidised accommodation available to as many students as possible (Principle of Rotation).

With these guidelines, the fairest possible distribution of places is to be ensured. There is no legal claim on a place in a student residence. By sending the application to the Studentenwerk Würzburg, each applicant acknowledges these guidelines.

For program students, different agreements can be made depending on their program or university.

If the BAföG (Federal Training Assistance Act) is mentioned in the following, this applies regardless of whether a person actually receives BAföG or not.

Eligible persons

Eligible persons for a place in a student residence are persons to whom none of the exclusion criteria listed below apply. Furthermore they have to be enrolled at one of the universities within the competence of the Studentenwerk Würzburg (Aschaffenburg, Bamberg, Schweinfurt or Würzburg).

Exclusion criteria:

Excluded are persons,

  1. who are not enrolled at a university within the competence of the Studentenwerk Würzburg or have not received a letter of acceptance for one of these universities.
  2. whose tenancy has been terminated by the Studentenwerk Würzburg.
  3. who have been banned by the Studentenwerk Würzburg.
  4. who live or have lived in a student residence of the Studentenwerk Würzburg without a valid rental contract or without the consent of the Studentenwerk Würzburg, provided that it was not a typical visit.
  5. who are overdue with the rent or have other financial liabilities with the Studentenwerk Würzburg.
  6. whose parents live in the same town in which the university is located.
  7. whose parents do not live in the town in which the university is located, but still in the fare zone of the semester ticket. This applies to Bamberg and Würzburg.
  8. whose monthly income is more than the current BAföG maximum rate.
  9. who have already obtained a university degree or college diploma in the Federal Republic of Germany, as far as it is not a Bachelor's degree, followed by a Master's degree.
  10. who will have exceeded the maximum funding term according to BAföG at the date of moving-in or the desired date of moving-in.
  11. who are or will be enrolled in a postgraduate course at the date of moving-in or the desired date of moving-in.
  12. who are or will be a doctoral candidate, Ph.D. or trainee teacher at the date of moving-in or the desired date of moving-in.
  13. who are taking their final exams without being enrolled at the date of moving-in or the desired date of moving-in.

Students with children

The student residence at Peter-Schneider-Straße 7 also accepts applications of couples with children or single students with children. When applying as a couple, both partners must be enrolled at a university.


You can apply via the website of the Studentenwerk Würzburg (
If you are already enrolled at a university at the time of your application, please add a current matriculation certificate via file upload. If you are not enrolled yet, please add your admissions letter via file upload.

In the case of changes in addresses or contact details, please inform the Studentenwerk Würzburg immediately.
Waiting lists
All applications made in accordance with those allocation guidelines will be registered on waiting lists.
The waiting lists are constantly updated. Applicants, checking back after having received an email to do so from the Studentenwerk within the deadline, will keep their space on the waiting list. If they do not check back or do not do so in time, the applicants will be deleted from the waiting list.
Depeding on the student residence and type of housing, waiting time is up to three semesters. It can change in case of extension of contracts, renovations, seasonal fluctuations etc. Therefore, the waiting time listed at the time of the application is no guarantee for the desired or expected move-in date.

Expiration of the application

The application expires, if

  1. an application contradicts the directions of these allocation guidelines, especially if one of the exclusion criteria applies.
  2. one of the exclusion criteria occurs or becomes known later.
  3. the applicant has given incomplete or false data.
  4. documents are missing or are illegible (e.g. ID, matriculation certificate, admissions letter).
  5. the applicant does not confirm the application within the given deadline.
  6. the applicant receives an offer for an apartment or room in a student residence.
  7. an applicant applies again for the same city and has changed the choice of the desired types of housing and/or student residences (previous application expires). Otherwise the new application will be considered a correction of the previous application.

Allocation of housing units

The housing units are generally assigned in the chronological order of applications received.
However, subject to availability, preference is given to

  1. students who use a wheelchair (this only applies to housing units that are suitable for wheelchair users).
  2. students with children (this only applies to housing units suitable for children).
  3. program students, as far as specific conditions are met and as far as places are available. The student residence and type of housing is selected by the Studentenwerk.
  4. former tenants, who had terminated or not extended their contract because of a leave of absence, study abroad, an internship in another town or because they had to go to another city to write their thesis and would like to come back to the same student residence afterwards or for the start of the following semester. However, this applies only if the application is made no later than three months before the desired date of moving in and if none of the exclusion criteria applies at the desired date of moving in.
  5. severely disabled students, but only on application and on presentation of a disabled person's pass. The Studentenwerk will then choose a suitable residence.

The allocation of a place in a student residence usually takes place two to eight weeks before the start of the contract. In unforeseen cases, it is also possible that places will be assigned with a shorter notice.

A prerequisite for the acceptance of the offer for a room or apartment is that the Studentenwerk has received, within the deadline, the rental contract from the tenant, as well as the bank withdrawal authorisation (Bankeinzugsermächtigung) signed by the account holder and a recent passport picture. The rental agreement is only valid after the Studentenwerk Würzburg has also signed the rental contract.
Switching rooms
It is generally not possible to switch rooms or apartments within the same student residence. It is possible to once move to another student residence within the same city. You can apply via the website of the Studentenwerk Würzburg. The allocation of the housing units is made via waiting lists. An administrative fee will be charged. The tenant himself is responsible for arranging accommodation in the period between the date of moving out specified in the rental agreement for the previous room or apartment and the date of moving in of the future room or apartment.
Apartments or rooms for wheelchair users or students with children can also be given to other residents if there is no corresponding demand. However, as soon as the places are needed again, the tenant has to move to another room or apartment. No administrative fee will be charged for this move.
Length of residence
All rental contracts are fixed-term contracts. They are generally issued for a period of six months. Should the maximum funding term according to BAföG be reached earlier, the contract is limited up until the respective date.
Rental contracts for rooms or apartments that the Studentenwerk Würzburg has rented, are limited to the date of the next possibility of termination of contract.
Depending on the program and the university, program students will receive a rental contract for one or two semesters and, depending on needs and availability for another month for a preceeding language course / introduction course.
Privided that none of the exclusion criteria apply, the tenant can extend the rental contract up until the maximum funding term according to BAföG. The maximum funding term according to BAföG, however, is reduced by the number of semesters the tenant had a leave of absence. An administrative fee will be charged.
Suspension of these guidelines
In the individual student residences many students from different cultures are living together. This requires mutual respect to prevent conflict. The Studentenwerk is entitled to suspend these guidelines in case of existing or impending conflicts in community life.