All student residences

We coordinate events and activities for tenants of all student residences, help organise „international“ events (international nights etc.) and, where necessary, offer support when tutors change at individual student residences.

You can email us at wohnheimstutoren(at)gmail(dot)com.

Maximilian Klapper

Student residences:   -  Am Hubland

                        -  Haus Berlin

                        -  Zürnstraße 2

                        -  International House

                        -  Am Galgenberg

                        -  Peter-Schneider-Straße

Tina Heindel

Student residences: -  Straubmühlweg

                        -  Josef-Schneider-Straße

                        -  Landsteinerstraße

                        -  Josef-Martin-Weg

                        -  Leo-Weismantel-Straße

                        -  Peter-Schneider-Straße