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Please wear anFFP2 respirator or a medical mask when you come to our canteens and cafeterias!

The 3G rule has come into effect. “3G” stands for the three German words “geimpft” (vaccinated), “genesen” (recovered) and “getestet” (tested). As of Monday, 23 August 2021, we will be required under the updated Bavarian regulation on infection prevention to ensure that all guests who eat at our canteens and cafeterias have either been vaccinated for COVID-19, have recovered from a COVID-19 infection or have tested negative for COVID-19. The 3G rule applies if the local 7-day incidence rate is 35 or higher, and it applies to all guests who eat at one of our canteens or cafeterias. It does not apply to people who come to our canteens or cafeterias to pick up take-away meals. For more information about the 3G rule, click here.

Canteen on Campus Hubland Süd / Frankenstube / Cafeteria on Campus Hubland Süd

Closed for refurbishment until 2021/22!


PETA awards stars to Würzburg canteen

Each year, the PETA animal rights organisation chooses the most vegan-friendly canteen of the year. A total of 37 Studentenwerk organisations were competing for the title of PETA’s “Most Vegan-Friendly Canteen 2018”. What was different in this year’s contest is that there was a limit of one award per organisation. This limit was introduced in order to ensure that bigger Studentenwerk organisations that operate two or more canteens do not have an advantage over smaller organisations. Four canteens operated by the Studentenwerk Würzburg had entered the contest. PETA stated that all four of them would have deserved an award but they decided to go for the biggest one: The Mensateria on Campus Hubland Nord received three stars and can now count itself among Germany’s most vegan-friendly canteens. 

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Photo: PETA Deutschland e.V.